Best Bath Robes in 2020 Reviews

Best Bath Robes in 2020 Reviews

 There are quite a lot of models to choose from, but only bath robes made it to our list. We picked models that are suitable for the cold season and some that work best for the summer. To keep things short let’s jump right to our list of the best bathrobes review.

Terry Robes
Slip into something luxurious with a blanket
of warmth and comfort. This super-plush terry
obe is irresistibly soft yet lightweight. A must
have for any spa lover.

Giovanni Robes
Our Signature Waffle Spa Robe is woven from
the finest Egyptian Cotton. Tailored in Egypt
using toweling techniques that have been passed
down for generations.


Parise Wrap
Wrap yourself in classic luxury after every bath
with our Parise Terry Bath Wrap. Available in
a classic hue of crisp white, it features a Velcro
closure and elastic band for a snug fit.

We originally tested robes in 2017, then we tested several more in 2019 and updated this guide. After talking to our experts and our staff, I looked at which robes garnered the highest ratings from both department stores and smaller, startup bedding companies. Then I checked Apartment Therapy’s list of the best bathrobes, looked at Amazon’s best-selling robes, and talked to our staff about the robes they love. I also looked at buying guides from Overstock, Boca Terry, and Comfy Robes. For our 2019 update, I researched new offerings from direct-to-consumer bedding brands and looked for robes available in more inclusive sizes.

From that research, we determined our criteria for a great robe. Here’s what we were looking for:

Comfortable, washable materials: Most people don’t want to dry-clean a robe, so we skipped higher-maintenance fabrics like silk. Instead, we focused on terry, plush, fleece, linen, waffle, knits, and peshtemal, since they can be washed and dried. We tried to pick the softest or highest-quality robes we could find in those materials.

Size and color options: Wherever we could, we looked for robes with a wide range of sizes for men, women, and kids. We also looked for robes with several color options.

Brand reputation: We think it’s important that a robe—something you’ll most likely use frequently—be both comfortable and long-lasting, so we focused our testing on brands that have a good reputation for quality and customer service. Although robe sizing is fairly flexible, it’s nice to know there’s a good return policy in place if the one you buy just won’t work. All our picks offer returns, and many come with excellent guarantees or warranties.

Construction and design: We considered design details like pockets (a must!) and inside ties to keep the robe secure, and we noted user reviews (and our own staffer’s complaints) about concerns like gaping at the chest.

Perennial availability: We wanted to recommend robes that you could find with ease, robes that were available year-round or would at least return year after year.

We considered 126 robes in total, narrowing them down for testing by reading user reviews, checking for inaccurate and fake reviews where we could, and considering material, style, brand reputation, and robe availability. We tested 24 robes in 2017 and 12 robes in 2019, a combination of unisex options, sizes for kids, and women’s and men’s styles.

We tried on each robe and took notes about its feel. Bruce Cohen, president and owner of Boca Terry, told us to check the stitching on the side seams, armholes, and the bottom hems, so we looked at these areas, as well as the overall construction. We measured each robe’s sleeve length and overall length down the middle of the back. Then we washed and dried them once and checked for snags, pilling, and any problems at the seams. We tried them on again, eliminated a few that hadn’t held up well in the wash, and measured each robe a second time to determine shrinkage. In 2017, a panel of six testers (a group of family members together for the holidays, composed of three men, two women, and one little girl), tried on the robes that made it through to this second round of testing. We noted the fit on different body types, and they gave us their thoughts on what they liked and disliked, the materials they prefer, and which robes they’d reach for again. This helped us eliminate a few more.

Next, we set the inside temperature to 73 degrees and spent time in each finalist robe to see if any caused overheating, which one felt like a natural piece of clothing, and which were generally the most comfortable for everyday, around-the-house activities. For the warm-weather robes, we tried them on over bare skin and over a T-shirt to see how they felt in mild temperatures and how easy it was to apply makeup or move around.

We performed cold tests with the chilly weather robes—fleece, terry, plush, and flannel. We walked from the front door and down the driveway to the mailbox and back during a frigid January cold snap in New Jersey (it was about 19 degrees). We rated each robe based on how long we could be outside before the cold got uncomfortable. With the terry and waffle robes, we showered, quickly towel dried, and then put on each robe and walked from the bathroom to the bedroom to see how comfortable each robe felt on wet or damp skin, as well as how well it absorbed any remaining moisture. Then we hung the robes on a hook and timed how long it took them to dry. We retested one terry robe in 2018—The Company Store Company Cotton Robe—when we decided to change our terry pick from the Snowe Classic Bathrobe.

In 2019, we tried 12 new options in waffle, fleece, and cotton. I washed and dried them all, measured each for shrinkage, and had two testers—one woman (myself) and one man—try on each robe to note their warmth, comfort, sizing, and style. We had a few robes come close to our picks, but none surpassed them after these first two rounds, so we did not perform shower tests, drying tests, or additional wash tests. We’ve held on to the best contenders in case our picks become unavailable, and we’ll long-term test them to see how they fare.

1 Best Bath Robes in 2020 Reviews

Best Bath Robes in 2020 Reviews

Best Bath Robes in 2020 Reviews There are quite a lot of models to choose from, but only bath robes made it to our list. We picked models that are suitable for the cold season and some that work best for the summer. To keep things short let’s jump ...

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