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Here are the best sheets for your bed:Best sateen sheets: Brooklinen Luxe Sheets. Best percale sheets: Riley Percale Sheet Set. Best linen sheets for summer: MagicLinen Linen Sheet Set. Best flannel sheets for winter: Pinzon Velvet Flannel .

Methodology: How To Shop For Sheets

Okay sleepers, before we get into the sheet sets, let’s discuss the methodology behind my picks. Yes, it’s true that sheet-shopping is largely about personal preference, but there are some key factors to consider in order to find the bedding that’s best for your bed, body, and budget.


When shopping for new sheets, the first thing to pay attention to are the materials being used! So, allow me to break down some of the most popular bedding fabrics by feel, texture, and coziness:

  • Cotton – Perhaps the most popular, cotton bedding is known for its classically soft feel and great breathability.
  • Linen – Linen bedding has a distinctly coarse texture, but it’s extremely durable and gets softer over time. Additionally, it’s one of the most breathable fabrics in the world!
  • Bamboo – Bamboo-based bedding is a great eco-friendly fabric known for its silky feel and lustrous sheen.

The Fiber Factor

If you’re shopping for cotton bedding, you’re going to want to pay close attention to the length of the fibers (also known as staples). Don’t worry — this doesn’t require any measuring on your part as bedding brands typically advertise staple-length on each sheet set.

That said, I suggest you aim for long-staple or extra long-staple cotton because it’s typically softer, more durable, and less likely to fade or pill over time. Egyptian and Pima cotton are particularly popular examples of long-staple cotton, but they’re not the only options.

Fortunately, linen and bamboo are already known for having exceptionally long, strong fibers (which is why these fabrics are praised for superior durability!). But with cotton, the length of the fibers varies more, and it’s important to remember that longer is usually better!

Weave Style

The next thing I look for when I’m shopping for sheets is the weave style used to manufacture them. Again, there are many different ways to weave fabric, but the two styles you’ll see most often are percale and sateen. Keep in mind that these weave styles apply exclusively to cotton, as linen, bamboo, and other fabrics generally feature one consistent weave style.

That said, a percale weave is characterized by a crisp handfeel and a matte appearance, while sateen woven bedding is typically much silkier and shinier. Additionally, percale woven bedding tends to be lighter, more breathable, and better suited to sleepers who run hot. Conversely, sateen sheets are a bit thicker, warmer, and lie heavier on the body.

Personally, I think both weave styles are great, and I like to rotate between percale and sateen depending on the weather.

Thread Count

Finally, I consider thread count. But before I tell you why this is the very last thing I look for, keep in mind that thread count refers to the amount of individual yarns per square inch of fabric. That said, many shoppers might be under the impression that a high thread count guarantees high quality… but that’s not the case!

In fact, thread count kind of loses its value if you’re not working with durable materials. With long-staple cotton sheets, for example, a high thread count can really boost the softness and strength of the finished fabric. On the other hand, cotton sheets woven from shorter, weaker fibers are probably going to be less smooth and durable, regardless of thread count.

Meanwhile, the average linen sheet set has a thread count of 80-150 (which would be considered quite low for cotton) and thread count for bamboo bedding typically ranges from 250-350. However, it’s worth noting that most bedding brands do not advertise thread count on bedding that’s not cotton-based.

That said, allow me to impart a pro tip: Any cotton sheet set with a thread count of 1,000 or higher is probably woven from inferior, short cotton fibers. Some bedding brands splice tons of short fibers together in order to boast a higher thread count, but that’s one marketing ploy you might want to avoid.

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