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Serta Mattress

Serta is best known for Perfect Sleeper which has a long reputation as a comfortable and dependable innerspring mattress. SleepTrue are their newer, lower-priced innerspring beds. … Those two brands have all since expanded and the foam vs innerspring distinction between them has blurred.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite Plush Super Pillow Top 700 Innerspring Mattress, Queen



Sertapedic 100 Foam Mattress, King

Serta Perfect Sleeper Luxury Firm 400 Memory Foam Mattress, California King

Why Serta?

Do you remember those commercials with the cute sheep with the numbers on them? They were a huge advertising mogul for Serta. They were introduced in the year 2000 and introduced into the advertising hall of fame in 2008. If you haven’t heard of the Serta company, then you’ve probably been living under a rock.

They’ve been a staple for comfort ever since they introduced the first even Perfect Sleeper mattress in 1931. Since then, they have provided users with many “firsts”, including their popular iComfort sleep system with the newest gel foam technology.

Serta is said to be the number one mattress manufacturer in the United States and a well-known brand across the world. They’re committed to helping their retail partners grow with the most innovative products. Every single Serta mattress is designed to provide optimal comfort, and the company stands behind their exceptional customer service.

All of the adjustable mattresses that they have can be quite overwhelming to sort through, so we went ahead and did the work for you. This guide will give you insight into the top five Serta adjustable mattresses that they offer based on predetermined criteria.

Why Adjustable?
What exactly is a Serta adjustable bed? This probably has been going through your mind since I mentioned it above. These beds have grown very popular in the past few years. They give the user the ability to adjust the bed to different positions to best suit their sleeping needs. These can come split as well so that you and your partner can sleep in different positions.

What Makes A Good Mattress?

We all know that you can’t walk into a mattress store and buy the first one that you lay on. You need to compare and test some of them out. Certain mattresses are made for certain body types, health issues, and overall comfort levels. I know it seems like it’s a lot of work, but trust me, it will be worth it when you don’t have to pack your bed up and bring it back to the store because you hate it after three days of sleeping on it.

Every good mattress has to have support. This is one of the first decisions that you need to make. Here’s the good news, there are only four common types of mattresses that you have to choose from.

Innerspring mattresses are best for those who like a little bounce to their bed. With most beds, you can choose how springy you want it to feel. The springs inside are gauged from 12 to 18, thinnest to thickest. Those who are on the heavier side are going to want something in the 16-18 range, whereas those who are lighter are going to want 12-14. The coils also may be pocketed, which help reduce the motion transfer from one side of the bed to the other. These mattresses can also come with a pillow top or you can have it the traditional way.

Memory Foam
These are the most popular types of beds to date. They are more for those who like more of an extra-firm base. These beds have a polyurethane core unless they’re organic in some way. They have much less springiness to them and when sat upon, they don’t really sink, well, they’re not supposed to. In order to properly determine their quality, you should check the thickness of the foam, the foam density, what the material is made from, and if it has any cooling properties. Generally, it should be between 3 and 5 pounds per cubic foot to be considered of good quality.

If you’re one for more buoyancy, latex is the way to go. It is similar to memory foam in terms of firmness, but it does have some bounce to it. The nice characteristic of these mattresses is that they are antimicrobial, mold resistant, and dust mite resistant. Unfortunately, these mattresses can be on the pricier side, but they have the ability to last 20-years or more.

If you want to be able to customize your bed at any given time, an air-filled mattress would suffice. These are vinyl or rubber chamber mattresses that have a control that allows you to control the amount of air inside. Depending on the size, it can have two chambers or one. The top is very similar to innersprings.

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