Top Pleated Shades 2020 Reviews

Top Pleated Shades 2020 Reviews

Pleated shades offer versatility for light control, with the choice of transparent, light-filtering or blackout for maximum control. Choose from a wide variety of colors, patterns and designs to perfectly complement your room.




Easy Lift Trim-at-Home Cordless Pleated Light Blocking Fabric Shade White

Achim Home Furnishings Cords Free Tear Down Light Filtering Window Shade

Why choose pleated shades for your home?

Pleated shades are the perfect choice for many rooms and styles. Here’s why:

  • Perfect for any light control need, pleated shades are available in transparent, light-filtering and blackout opacities with liners
  • With a wide range of colors including whites, subtle neutrals and bold vibrant colors, you can choose designs and textures that are sure to complement your room.
  • These shades have beautiful pleats from top to bottom in both 1″” and 2″” plates and they will re-pleat neatly when raised every time.

What kind of features are available with pleated shades? Custom window coverings can be upgraded in more ways than just color and style. Here are just a few options that are available with pleated shades:

  • Top-Down/Bottom-Up Controls: A very popular option that allows your pleated shades to be raised and lowered in either direction to allow for privacy similar to that of a cafe curtain.
  • Cordless Lift: This popular option provides a hidden control system that eliminates the lift cord on your pleated shades and enables the shades to be easily raised or lowered with the touch of a finger.
  • Continuous Cord Loop Controls: This option means the cords on your pleated shades will be secured to wall or window frame, meaning your shades will have fewer cords on display. A great choice for larger/heavier shades.
  • Motorized Lift: With a motorized lift upgrade, your pleated shades can be raised or lowered at the push of a button.
  • Liners: Choose from blackout or light-filtering liners to get the perfect light control for your pleated shades.
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